We at MENSCARE help users to find best personal care products according to their usage and budget with new products every week, it is very difficult for user to make decision. That’s why people ask other male friends to get some advice or they wait for youtube reviews to make decision. But there’s a problem with that approach because you are not going to use your products the same way like your male friends does or youtube reviewer does. Everyone has different needs. So in this 21st century, we are going to give a new meaning to being a ‘MAN’. Man may look tough by the exteriors but they’re sensitive and empathetic towards everyone and they are not shy to show their softer side. MENSCARE observe the lack of grooming products from men and therefore decided to change the grooming game for men with exclusive products. We always come up with breakthrough products which are effective on men. Our primary focus is to enhance man’s personality and help them to become sexier than ever. We are Uniquely catering to your every need.


Hemant Paul


Hitanshu Uttreja


Hemant & Hitanshu both are enthusiastic tech guys! And we love to work for our “MAN” community and help them to find their inner diva. MENSCARE has only one motto that is to provide best essentials for today’s man.